We are looking for exciting feature films with commercial potential that either have well-known cast, or are a strong example of a genre with a proven audience such as horror, sci-fi, martial arts, action, thriller, or strong documentary.

If you are looking for distribution for your film and would like us to evaluate it for representation by Evolutionary Films, please fill in our Online Submission form here.

Once we have received your submission we will send you our UK Distribution and International Sales Agency contract for signature.

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Evolutionary Films, is a UK Distributor and an International Sales Agent. As a distributor we release on all the major online platforms in the UK, including Amazon, iTunes, Googleplay, Microsoft and Sky, and on a project by project basis we can facilitate theatrical and physical DVD release. As an International Sales Agent we are members of Film Export UK and attend the major film markets of the year including EFM in Berlin (where we exhibit under the UK Films banner), Cannes (where we have a sales booth in the Palais des Festivals) and AFM in Los Angeles (based out of the Loews Hotel).

The team at Evolutionary Films come from a background in production with years of experience and have worked with some of the top names in Hollywood.  As producers, we know a large number of professionally made and exciting independent films are completed every year that unfortunately never find their audience or receive their returns from sales.

Evolutionary Films can distribute your film in the UK and work with you to create innovative marketing campaigns that target your audience to maximise the potential of your social media feeds and drive the audience to buying your film. We aim to give you greater control over the returns and continued ownership in your work.

We will also present your film to international buyers and distributors around the world and as we are in continuous contact with our buyers between markets we can raise awareness of your film with them directly as soon as it is ready.

As producers, sales agents and distributor, we realise the need for transparency with the filmmakers we work with, so our distribution and sales contracts are clear and concise.  We don’t charge up-front fees, we cap expenses and we provide transparent quarterly reporting with regular payments back to you the film-makers and investors of film-makers.

“We are delighted that Evolutionary Films welcomed One Million Klicks for international sales and for UK distribution. We could not have found a better home for the film. The Evolutionary Films team genuinely look after their films and filmmakers, and are passionate and professional in their attitude to the business. They are responsive and supportive, and constantly inform and educate the filmmakers that they work with on what it takes to achieve successful sales and distribution. We have a very honest, transparent relationship, and they are also in constant communication with their buyers and distributors. Thanks to Evolutionary Films, One Million Klicks has sold in various international territories, had a well-received DVD release in North America, and we also had an online release so successful in Germany that Amazon gave us a generous sales bonus! I enthusiastically recommend working with Evolutionary Films.”
Ruediger W. Kuemmerle
One Million Klicks

“When we made our feature Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? we knew distribution could be a challenge. There are very few live action features made for children in the UK. Evolutionary Films were up for that challenge. They laid out to us clearly what they could do and the route to success, but also the business limitations and what couldn’t be achieved. This honest mentoring and transparency was very helpful – and rare in this industry. Through the effort of Evolutionary Films we have sold the film to various international territories including North America, South Africa and China, as well as launching a well-received DVD release through ASDA in the UK. We recommend them and are speaking to them about our next movie.”
Danny Stack and Tim Clague
Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?