Aimed at new and emerging filmmakers, the Back2School Producer and Actor series of workshops form a full course but participation at every workshop is not necessary. You can dip in and out of the workshops to design your own development and pick the tools you need to make your film.

PART ONE: Contracts and Negotiations: Doing the Deal

From negotiating with the crew, the actors, the suppliers through to sales agents and distributors, this workshop will take you through what those contracts look like and what you should look out for.

PART TWO: Script Breakdown and What Departments Cost

This workshop will take you through the traditional method for breaking down a script ready for scheduling and eventually filming.

PART THREE: How to Schedule that Breakdown

This workshop will talk through schedules as well as what to expect on the day. When you are the producer responsible for the 50+ people coming to work on your film set you need to be prepared.

PART FOUR: Actors and Directors – Record and Review

A practical workshop to prepare you to get the best out of your time on the film set. Know your skills and how to get the best from your time with the camera.