Evolutionary Films originally established its business using funds raised under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). The company now represents a range of robust investment opportunities in the film industry providing investors access to tax efficient structures and potentially lucrative returns.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a UK Government backed initiative designed to help smaller higher-risk trading companies to raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in those companies.

The incentives available to qualifying investors under EIS include:

Income tax relief
at 30%

Deferral of capital gains tax (CGT) unlimited relief up to 28%

inheritance tax relief

Investors can carry back to the previous tax year the value of any investment made up to the following 5th of april

Possible combined income tax and CGT relief of up to 58p in the pound

Tax free profits for 25 years (after initial period of investment)

Please contact one of our investment team for more information on the latest share offering or investment opportunities.

In addition to the potential financial benefits of investing in the entertainment business, there are also a number of lifestyle perks that Evolutionary Films have offered to our investors including:

Invitations to script read-throughs or production meetings;
Visits to active film sets and the opportunity to meet the cast and crew;
Red carpet premieres of the Company’s films;

Gala receptions and exclusive shareholder screenings;


Shareholders in Evolutionary Films or any of our associated companies receive regular newsletters about our activities and plans to grow the value of the business and their investments with us.

Interview With John Adams – CEO of Evolutionary Films

John Adams (CEO) Evolutionary Films

Vinca Jarrett (Film Financier / Lawyer)