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Here you will find all the information and relevant links you will need to get started on your journey into the movie world. We do not just ask you to invest we invite you to become a part of it. Get involved with the production and join us on set to see the movies being made and meet the cast and crew. You will also receive invitations for exclusive red carpet events and movie premiers.

At Evolutionary Films you can Be A Part Of The Bigger Picture

Mohammed Ali
(Executive Director)

Philip Heathcote
(Client Relations Manager)


Ian Mckay
(Senior Executive Producer)

Galina Silverstein
(Executive Producer)

David Silverstein
(Executive Producer)

Charles Waddington
(Executive Producer)

Gemma Louise Earls
(Writer & Executive Producer)

Income Tax Relief:
Investors can claim a tax rebate of 30% of the amount they have invested against the income tax they have paid in the last tax year or income tax they still owe in the current tax year.

Relief can be claimed on up to a maximum of 2,000,000 invested in EIS shares per year, giving a maximum tax reduction in any one year of £600,000 providing you have sufficient incometax liability to cover it.

As long as the shares are held for a period of three years or more, this IT relief is permanent.

Let’s say you invested £10,000
Income Tax relief at 30% = £3,000
Net cost of your EIS Investment = £7,000