Stronger Than Bullets

Winner of Best Documentary at Woodstock Film Festival 2016

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: UK

Language: English

Status: Completed

Produced by: Alistair Audsley, Hammuda Abidia, Harold Millan, Haitam Darrat

Directed by: Matthew Millan

Twitter: @RockOnLibya

Facebook: Post Revolutionary Blues

IMDb: Stronger Than Bullets


Libya, 2011. Amidst the bloody revolution to overthrow Moammar Gaddafi, a defiant music scene erupts from the war. After 42 years of tyranny, Benghazi resounds with music that is astounding in its diversity – traditional folk, hip-hop, heavy metal, rock, blues, and even country. This film is about the inspirational musicians who emerge, and follows them as they become a vibrant soundtrack of free expression. After months of brutal war, Gaddafi’s death seems to pave the way for the musicians to celebrate with a triumphant music festival. But when the tyrant falls, he shatters into a thousand pieces, as their dream is crushed and Libya is thrown into the abyss of civil war. Their freedom to play threatened once again, this film is their defiant legacy and a joining of hands with musicians all over the world to show that music really is “stronger than bullets”.

Stronger Than Bullets has now been an official selection at 18 international film festivals winning ‘Best Documentary’ at the 2016 Woodstock International Film Festival, the prestigious Santa Fe Press Award, the Jury Selection Award of the 2017 Noise Pop Film Series as well as Best Soundtrack at the 2017 SeeYouSound Festival.