Star of Game of Thrones - Maisie Williams
Based on true events


War brought them together. Then it tore them apart.

Based on True Events

Lumberjills is a heart warming and emotionally challenging story, spanning the years of World War II, about a London girl Jill and a group of mismatched female colleagues who enlist in the Women’s Auxiliary Timber Corps and travel to Scotland.

Under the command of Cutter, a harsh spinster whom the girls regard as a bitch, the girls are taught and take on the task of felling trees to provide much needed timber for the war effort since all of the local lumberjacks have been conscripted.

Canadian lumberjacks and in particular a young French Canadian, Clark are drafted in to train the girls, before joining the regular army and becoming part of the D-Day landings.

Set to star Maisie Williams – Game of Thrones, Cyberbully, The Falling