Let Me Go

A film about mothers and daughters

Genre: Drama

Country of Origin: UK

Language: English

Status: Completed

Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Jodhi May, Lucy Boynton, Karin Bertling, Stanley Weber

Produced by: Lizzie Pickering, David Broder

Written and Directed by: Polly Steele

Twitter: @LetMeGoTheFilm

Facebook: FilmLetMeGo

Website: LetMeGoMovie


Based on the true-life story of Helga Schneider who was abandoned by her mother in 1941 when she was only four years old.  Helga’s mother had gone to join the Nazi SS where she underwent special training to qualify as a concentration camp guard in Auschwitz.  The film is set in the year 2000, following not only Helga and her mother’s journeys but the next two generations of their family and the suffering they endure following revelations of long held secrets around the horrific events that took place over 70 years ago.