Revenge never sounded so good.

Genre: Action, Thriller

Country of Origin: UK

Language: English

Status: Packaging

Producers: Diane Shorthouse, John Adams

Writer: Pete Adams

Revenge Never Sounded So Good

‘Sista C’ is an international pop sensation, but when her younger sister is murdered in a brutal gangland killing in London, she must put her fame to one side and leave her home in Los Angeles to try to uncover the truth about what happened to her.

With apparently little support from the local police force, Sista C immerses herself in the seedy underworld of the turf war engulfing London’s streets as rival gangs struggle to take control of the city.

As she delves deeper into her sister’s life and begins to suspect who may have been responsible for her death, Sista C is drawn into more and more danger as she disguises herself to go undercover as a session singer on the London club circuit in order to seduce a confession from the killers.