Featuring John Rhys-Davies, star of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and INDIANA JONES.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Country of Origin: UK

Language: English

Status: Delivering December 2016

Cast: John Rhys-Davies, Rosie Fellner, Tristam Summers, Paul Reynolds, Tanya Franks

Produced by: Diane Shorthouse, John Adams

Written by: Pete Adams

Directed by: John Adams

Twitter: @auxthemovie

Facebook: AUX

Instagram: @auxthemovie


Two young boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker that has been undetected since World War II. The boys awaken something so terrifying that one boy doesn’t make it out alive and the other flees for his life only to be hit by a car. A police investigation is initiated but one by one the police and forensic officers are killed in grotesque and mysterious ways. Meanwhile in the local old people’s home, an elderly WWII veteran sees all of this unfolding on the news and realises what has happened. But will anybody believe a senile old man as the devastation and destruction mounts up around them?